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We are marriage family therapists, who assist individuals, couples and families to overcome challenges that are interfering with them living their lives in the way they would prefer to live it.  These challenges often create pain, fear and overwhelm for the clients that they reach out for our services. We work with adolescents, adults and older adults.  Sofia Ksendzovsky, MFT has outstanding experience working with trauma and life transitional stages. Sofia is bilingual. She speaks fluent Russian and looks forward to serving our Russian speaking community. Catherine Penuela-Parker, MFT has a strong background working with young adults and families. Catherine is also bilingual.  She speaks fluent Spanish and welcomes clients from our Spanish speaking community. I'm Carolyn Berry, MFT. My specialty is relationships, including marital, romantic, friendship, family, co-worker as well as with Self, environment and Higher Power. (See our bios).

We help our clients move forward by providing a real, warm and practical way of being that creates a safe environment for our clients to find their way to:

       create desirable relationships

       improve communication skills

       develop self-empowerment

       heal from trauma

       grieve losses

       over-come stressful conditions  

       get into recovery

       attain peace, balance and harmony

       experience being interconnected

       create the life that they want

We focus on understanding our clients and identifying their strengths. We take a team approach, working in collaboration with our clients and other healthcare professionals that may be assisting them.  In an environment of mutual respect, we join with our clients to create the change that will lead to the desired goals.

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If we cannot personally assist you, we will make every effort to provide you with an appropriate referral. 

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